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How will we live in the future?

What will be our drivers and motivations?

How can design establish a true, sustainable and multisensory connection between user and product or service?


As a specialist regarding Design Research, Futurology, Design Strategy and CMF

I share 18 years of experience as a consultant in various fields such as industrial design, interior, fashion, beauty, packaging and food.


Establishing a true and sustainable connection between user and product is not only about logic. It also is about emotion. Therefore it is essential to engage multiple human senses.


My focus lies on the creation of multisensory user experience by translating human needs and emotions into innovative design concepts which are both meaningful and fun in the longterm.


I apply modern scientific research to global (inter-)cultural theory, history, biology, psychology, branding, marketing and consumer behaviour and support agencies and brands with new product developments, future insights, trend reports and CMF consulting.


Amongst other things, this also involves lectures, seminars, keynote speaking and both journalistic and academic research into trends and multisensory user experience.

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